Here are a couple of client reviews, additional references are available upon request.

Better than expected

by User134939 on September 12, 2013

We’ve been with Sandy almost a year, and our son has really grown and connected well with the other little ones and the caregivers during the time. We found Sandy on KSL. I checked out her house and room settings, it was great because each room was for a certain activity, very clean and in order. She is definitely on her game and is, in my opinion better than the commercial daycare we had been to for three months. Sandy has helped maintain the consistency and balance for his growth and development. He speaks & understand what is said very well and he isn’t even two yet. What I like is that she and I share the same ideas in raising a child. I am fond of taking turns, please and thank yous, Signing Time, reading, learning a lesson, as in explanations to the child so that it gets them thinking about right and wrong. Within the first three months with her, we were really impressed at the change we saw in our son. He’s always happy when we pick him up and enjoys himself there.


A happy home away from home!

by User45107 on August 16, 2013

I have been sending my two boys (now 4 and 18 mos) for about 7 months now and we couldn’t be happier. Every morning when my son asks if we are going to Miss Sandy’s and I say yes, his response is always an excited “YAY!!!!”. My one year old is always happy to be there and just waves goodbye, no tears. It hasn’t been that way with other places (even family). He feels loved and safe with Sandy so he isn’t afraid to let me go. The house is always clean and child-proofed. It means the world to me to know the most important people in my life are so well cared for. Finding Kiddiegarden was a huge blessing for our family. I would recommend this daycare to anyone 100%.


Kiddiegarden Daycare

by User131613 on August 14, 2013

I love, love, LOVE this daycare! My little one has been there since May when he was only 3 months old. Sandy and her two helpers are amazing with the him and the other children. Patient, kind, loving, attentive and caring. Ethan loves going and being with all the other kids. And speaking of the other kids, they are all happy, clean (as far much as active children are! LOL) and love it there as well. The home is clean and kid friendly! I’m so happy that I found this place! Thank you Sandy! I don’t worry when I leave him there. I know that he’s in good hands. :-)

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